Pirate’s Cove — A 30-year Geomembrane Success Story


A Mostly True Tale from EPI – The Liner Company

EPI – th’ Liner Company has enjoyed a 30-year relationship wit’ th’ scurvy dogs from Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf. Beginnin’ wit’ their first location in Traverse City, MI. They recently replaced th’ original 30 year old barnacle-covered PVC liner.

When just young bucs’, Willie Sieh, Jeff Graft, a former college football player, and twin-brother Brad Graft, a former Marine Officer, worked swabbing the decks on Pirate’s Cove vessels throughout the lands and across the seas. Slowly, they earned their keep, and through their labors were able to accumulate booty enough to take the helm of a fleet of ships. Along with a trusted band of scalaways, their reputation grew and their fleet prospered.

Click th’ image below to spy wit’ ye eye what 30 years ‘o piratin’ success looks like.


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Spring Fling in Northern Michigan!

EPI – The Liner Compay has over 30 years in the industry and can provide you with a best solution for your PVC liner and geomembrane project.

Contact marty@geomembrane.com to find out about our superior quality fabricating.

Click on the images below for a full photo montage of the fun!


Boyne Mountain Resort — 12 mil woven coated liner


Schuss Mtn Resort — 20 mil woven coated liner

 “The new liner was perfect. Its size allowed us to make some nice improvements to the event.
Thanks again for working with us.”

— Chris Hale, VP of Sales & Marketing
Shanty Creek & Schuss Mtn Resorts

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