Elk Rapids Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Wastewater treatment lagoons
Elk Rapids, MI
GCL underlayment utilizing Bentomat ST
45 mil reinforced polypropylene geomembrane liner
Installed by:
Geomembrane Services, Inc.


25 Years of Dedication to Quality


Please Share In Our Appreciation

This week marks the end of year 25, and the beginning of year 26 of dedicated service by EPI’s Quality Control Manager, Mark A.C. Wolschon.
The entire EPI team gathered for a luncheon today to honor Mark(and his wife Sue), and thank him for all he does in assuring we provide the highest quality product to our customers.


Please take a moment to email Mark and congratulate

him on his 25 years of dedication to quality.

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GM Renaissance Plaza XR-5 Installation

There was a vision to transform Detroit’s international riverfront, the face of the city, into a beautiful, exciting, safe, accessible world-class gathering place for all.

The $500 million dollar redevelopment of the riverfront area included construction of a three mile long river walk, part of which was adjacent to the General Motors Renaissance Center Buildings in downtown Detroit. The new GM Plaza area needed to be raised more than 4 meters in the area formerly used as a parking lot.

As part of General Motors’ renovation of the Renaissance Center for its world headquarters, GM created the GM Plaza and Promenade, a spectacular riverfront space that has quickly become a new city gathering spot and signature event venue.

Click the image below for a visual case study.



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Pirate’s Cove — A 30-year Geomembrane Success Story


A Mostly True Tale from EPI – The Liner Company

EPI – th’ Liner Company has enjoyed a 30-year relationship wit’ th’ scurvy dogs from Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf. Beginnin’ wit’ their first location in Traverse City, MI. They recently replaced th’ original 30 year old barnacle-covered PVC liner.

When just young bucs’, Willie Sieh, Jeff Graft, a former college football player, and twin-brother Brad Graft, a former Marine Officer, worked swabbing the decks on Pirate’s Cove vessels throughout the lands and across the seas. Slowly, they earned their keep, and through their labors were able to accumulate booty enough to take the helm of a fleet of ships. Along with a trusted band of scalaways, their reputation grew and their fleet prospered.

Click th’ image below to spy wit’ ye eye what 30 years ‘o piratin’ success looks like.


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Spring Fling in Northern Michigan!

EPI – The Liner Compay has over 30 years in the industry and can provide you with a best solution for your PVC liner and geomembrane project.

Contact marty@geomembrane.com to find out about our superior quality fabricating.

Click on the images below for a full photo montage of the fun!


Boyne Mountain Resort — 12 mil woven coated liner


Schuss Mtn Resort — 20 mil woven coated liner

 “The new liner was perfect. Its size allowed us to make some nice improvements to the event.
Thanks again for working with us.”

— Chris Hale, VP of Sales & Marketing
Shanty Creek & Schuss Mtn Resorts

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LINER LETTERS — Through Volume 15 (2015)


These archived copies of The Liner Letter are in Adobe Portable Document Format with MANY EMBEDDED HOT LINKS. Click on Tips & Tricks for more information on fun ways to navigate our Liner Letter.

If you wish to subscribe to the The Liner Letter directly, please CLICK HERE. If you need more information on any of the topics in these newsletters, please contact EPI.

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Volume 15 – Issue 5     EPI Celebrates 35th Anniversary 

Volume 15 – Issue 4      Safety First

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EPI Fabricates Floating Cover for Drinking Water Reservoir in Lynn, MA

Atlantic Lining Company installed a floating cover for a drinking water reservoir in Lynn, MA.
EPI fabricated 200,060 sq ft of NSF- G1 Certified 60Mil reinforced polypropylene for this job.
 In drinking water reservoirs, floating covers protect the water from contamination, evaporation, and the loss of water treatment chemicals (such as chlorine).
Reinforced Polypropylene provides a versatile flexible geomembrane liner.
The unique three ply construction with a combination of custom fabric reinforcement encapsulated by extruded high performance polypropylene provides a strong, resistant liner.

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EPI Fabricates Liner for a Mine in Southeast Idaho

COMANCO Environmental has recently begun deployment of PVC liner for Agrium Mine in  Southeast Idaho.

Agrium, mines and processes phosphate, potash and nitrogen fertilizers that help U.S. farmers feed the world.  

EPI fabricated over a million sq ft of PVC liner and geotextile for seven separate ponds and three separate ditches.

Also PVC rub sheets,  ballast tubes, and access ladders for the ponds were fabricated by EPI.

The COMANCO team  installated  1 million SF of PVC, 400,000 SF of 8oz geotextile, and 7,400 LF of strip drains.


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EPI Employee of the 3rd Quarter

Congrats to Chet Toth!
EPI Employee of the 3rd Quarter
Chet has worked for EPI for 3 and 1/2 years. He grew up in the Ionia, Michigan and attended Mancelona High School.Working at EPI, he likes working with his coworkers and all the different projects they work on.  Chet is married with one son and two dogs.
Away from work he enjoys being with his son.
At EPI he has worked on numerous projects, fabricating and installing millions of square feet of liner. Including the record setting, Columbus Upground Reservoir.
Chet is always committed in getting the job done.
Keep up the good work Chet!

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