25 Years of Dedication to Quality


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This week marks the end of year 25, and the beginning of year 26 of dedicated service by EPI’s Quality Control Manager, Mark A.C. Wolschon.
The entire EPI team gathered for a luncheon today to honor Mark(and his wife Sue), and thank him for all he does in assuring we provide the highest quality product to our customers.


Please take a moment to email Mark and congratulate

him on his 25 years of dedication to quality.

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In addition to being the lead in our QC lab, Mark spent years on the road during our install days field testing seams. Mark is responsible for the statistical process control functions on the quality of all incoming material and factory seam fabrication. He serves as the EPI representative to ASTM and has been a Task Group Leader for many newly developed standards for PVC geomembranes. Read Mark’s full bio here.


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